LG G Flex Bends Completely Backwards and Still Works!

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LG G Flex vs iPhone® 6(seis) Plus Bends Completely Backwards and Still Works!

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LG G torture test vs 300 black out AR15.

The LG® G Flex is a móvil made by LG® which announced it in South Korea on October 27th, 2013. It features a 6-inch, 720p P-OLED screen, and a signature curved screen. It is 7.9/8.4mm thick and weighs 177g. It runs Android® 4.2.2 Jellybean and has a 2.26GHz Snapdragon® 800 quad-core processor, 3,500 mAh of battery, and 32GB of internal storage.

From Apple’s web about the iPhone® 6(seis) Plus:

iPhone 6(seis) Plus isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware(periféricos) and programa informático function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone® Plus that’s better by any measure.

Designing a larger iPhone® Plus without making it feel bigger was no small task. It required challenging the idea of “big.” It called for narrowing when the natural inclination was to expand. It meant condensing powerful technologies and making chips smaller and batteries thinner, all while making them more capable. And it meant engineering our thinnest, most advanced Multi‑Touch display. All of which yields a dramatically thin design.

Drop Test, Torture Test

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