LG G Flex 2: Your Questions Answered

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Наш сайт: Сегодня к нам в руки попало устройство с нестандартным форм-фактором. Встречайте — LG® G Flex 2. Подпишись на канал – получи скидку…

LG G Flex 2(dos) is a unique Android® 5.0 móvil with a curved OLED® display. This video includes camera testing, benchmarking, bend-testing and a complete walk…

The LG® G Flex 2(dos) brings much more than a slight curve to the modern móvil landscape. With a Snapdragon® 810 processor, a self-healing paint job, and impro…

One thing we see in the comments every time a new or novel concept hits the móvil scene is people asking “but what use is it? Is this really a benefit, …

Os exponemos vuestra review del LG® G Flex 2, la 2.ª generación del aparato curvo de LG! Más información:

LG G Flex 2: Your Questions Answered

LG G Flex 2: Your Questions Answered
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